Sedimentering i Hardangerfjorden

"The fjord basins of the inner Hardangerfjorden are filled with up to 150 m of sediments with an estimated volume of about 3 km3. Laminated glacimarine deposits characterize the lower part of the sediment package and mass wasting related deposits the upper part. Seven slide debrites correlating with thick (2-15 m) turbidite deposits and four thinner turbidite beds have been identified in seismic and/or sediment data in the different fjord basins. The slide debrites are characterized by chaotic non-continuous reflections and wedging behavior in seismic data, following a strong basal reflector. The debrites have values of about 1.9 g/cm3 in density and 50-100 x 10-5 SI in magnetic susceptibility, a water content of 25-35%, a shear strength of 10-80 kPa and a sand content of up to 12%."